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What qualifies for emergency dental care?

Most people associate urgent dental care with an accident or some other type of trauma. Still, several other issues may require emergency dentistry to safeguard oral health and general well-being. The most common characteristics of a dental emergency are that it happens unexpectedly, and the resulting symptoms significantly interfere with your daily life.

The team at Gentle Dental Eagan is here to help when a dental condition interrupts your life. Our main recommendation in cases where you may need emergency dentistry in Eagan, MN, is for you to call our dental office immediately. Our dental professionals are trained experts in diagnosing dental conditions, and they know the right questions to ask so that we can determine your immediate needs.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need Emergency Dental Care

A toothache is a primary reason people seek out urgent care, but the pain intensity of that toothache is a significant indicator. If your pain has steadily increased and is unresponsive to at-home treatments, then you likely require emergency dentistry.

But pain is not the only symptom of a dental issue that needs attention. Here are several other signs you can watch out for:

  • Gum inflammation
  • Bright red gums as opposed to the standard pink color
  • Any sores or bumps on your gums, especially near the sore tooth
  • General fever
  • Foul-smelling breath or a sour taste in your mouth

Most of these symptoms indicate an infection that cannot clear up. And because the nature of the disease is to worsen, we encourage you to call our Eagan dental office right away so we can resolve your condition before it becomes more serious.