Tooth-Colored Fillings Eagan MN

woman smilingDr. Michael at Gentle Dental Eagan can quickly improve the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dental bonding, a process of applying composite resin to the teeth. 

The composite material we use is formulated from hard, durable plastics that can withstand the demands of daily eating and drinking. Dr. Michael colors and shapes the composite resin to match the natural tooth color perfectly.

Dental bonding allows us to cover slight imperfections in otherwise healthy teeth—such as uneven spaces between teeth, discoloration, chips or fracture lines—in just one office visit. With the bonding material in place, Dr. Michael will smooth and polish the composite material until it has a natural, glossy finish. As a result, you will leave our office with a seamless smile!

Enjoy Beautiful Results for Years to Come

The composite resin used in cosmetic dental bonding is strong. In fact, it’s the material of choice for many dentists when it comes to filling cavities created from tooth decay. With proper care and oral hygiene, you can expect your dental bonding to last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced. 

To extend the life of your dental bonding, avoid these few things:

  • Consuming lots of richly colored foods or drinks (such as coffee, teas, dark juices, or tomato sauces) can eventually stain dental bonding. Unlike porcelain, the composite resin material used in this process is slightly porous.
  • Using tobacco products like cigarettes or chewing tobacco can also eventually stain the composite resin material.
  • Brushing with abrasive whitening toothpaste can scratch the surface of your bonding. Instead, it’s best to use a gentle, anti-cavity toothpaste to maintain the shiny, natural-looking finish.

If you are interested in improving your smile through dental bonding, schedule a consultation at Gentle Dental Eagan or call us at (651)-452-5511.

woman smiling looking at a handheld mirrorDental bonding offers a few advantages over alternative cosmetic options. For example, we can complete a dental bonding procedure in a much shorter time than it takes to place porcelain veneers, which require at least two appointments. Additionally, bonding does not require significant alteration of the natural teeth. Therefore, this treatment is both minimally invasive and reversible. In most cases, we can perform your dental bonding without the need for anesthesia.

Whether you have a chipped tooth, stained teeth that could use brightening, or a misshapen tooth, we can help with dental bonding in Eagan. 

What If Dental Bonding Won’t Fix My Cosmetic Issue? 

Dental bonding is versatile, and we can often customize it for your specific needs. However, it is not possible to correct every aesthetic problem with dental bonding. If Dr. Michael offers other cosmetic treatment options for your aesthetic issues after your examination, he will discuss each procedure thoroughly with you and explain why he has recommended it for your situation.

We will then work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle, dental needs, and smile goals.

Schedule Your Dental Bonding Appointment in Eagan

Contact our Gentle Dental Eagan office by calling 651-452-5511. One of our friendly staff members will happily schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael, who can help you determine if dental bonding is the right choice for you!