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At our dental office in Eagan, Minnesota, we offer a wide range of dental services for the entire family, including general, cosmetic and restorative treatments.

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Choosing a dentist can be so overwhelming, especially when there are so many options available. Dr. Michael and the team at Gentle Dental Eagan are committed to patient-centered care. Everyday, we strive to foster a comfortable, low-stress environment where everyone feels like family. Offering a wide range of dental services, including preventative, restorative, and cosmetic procedures, we are prepared to address a variety of oral health issues. Whether you need several teeth replaced or a basic dental cleaning, our skilled and experienced staff is ready to assist you. We have proudly served families in our community since 1997.

Meet Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael Onyekaba (Dr. Michael) was born in St. Paul and grew up in the northern Minneapolis suburb of Andover. He received his undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. Then he decided to head out east to Boston where he received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. While at Tufts, he received training in general dentistry, oral surgery, periodontal disease, restorative dentistry, crown and bridge, implants, dentures and cosmetic dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Minnesota Dental Association, and the Minneapolis District Dental Society. Dr. Michael lives in St. Louis Park. He enjoys sports, outdoor activities, running, and spending time with friends and family.

Dr Michael Onyekaba

Overcome Dental Anxiety with Sedation

Did you know that dental anxiety causes millions and millions of Americans to postpone or avoid the dentist? At Gentle Dental Eagan, we offer nitrous oxide sedation or laughing gas for your comfort. This sedative is administered via inhalation and induces an overall feeling of relaxation and ease, making you more carefree during treatment. Best of all, the effects of nitrous oxide can be reversed in a matter of minutes. As a result, patients can drive themselves to and from their appointments.

Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes a large cavity or fracture extends into the pulp of a tooth. When this occurs, bacteria enter the pulp chamber and cause an infection. Root canal therapy can eliminate the source of infection and save your tooth from extraction. During this treatment, Dr. Michael removes the nerve and pulp, then cleans and seals the inside of the tooth. With today’s advanced technology, this procedure can be performed comfortably and efficiently in just one or two office visits.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

In some cases, a tooth may be too damaged or decayed for root canal therapy to be a predictable option. In these instances, tooth removal may be recommended. Dr. Michael performs this procedure using gentle methods and techniques, keeping patients as comfortable as possible during treatment. If you need a tooth extracted, we will discuss your replacement options with you in detail before your treatment begins.

advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

At Gentle Dental, we utilize the latest in advanced methods and technologies, providing patients with unparalleled care and comfort. 

  • Digital X-Rays: Compared to old fashioned X-ray units, Digital X-Rays provide higher quality, more detailed images that can be manipulated for optimal visualization. Digital X-rays also emit 90 percent less radiation than traditional machines, making it a safer choice for our patients.
  • Intraoral Cameras: For early detection of cavities and an accurate representation of conditions in the mouth, Intraoral Cameras are essential. Dr. Michael and his team utilize these cameras to show you what they see inside your mouth. This is excellent for increasing your understanding of various things going on in your mouth, and the treatment needed to solve them.
  • DryShield®: DryShield is an incredible breakthrough device that protects your lips, cheek and tongue while receiving treatment. Instead of claustrophobic rubber dams, or having saliva pool up in your mouth, DryShield comfortably evacuates all liquids from your mouth while keeping you gently propped open. This allows Dr. Michael and his team to provide quality dentistry and an ideal patient experience. 

Insurance and Financing Options

At Gentle Dental Eagan, we believe that cost should never come between you and the care you deserve. That is why we offer a variety of payment solutions at our practice. In addition to accepting cash and all major credit cards, we also offer CareCredit® and in-house financing options. Patients who sign up for our Membership Plan  receive 15 percent off of all procedures. 

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