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Can you put a crown on a decayed tooth?

A dental crown is a type of restoration that provides 360 degrees of protection for a compromised tooth. We usually recommend a dental crown to repair a tooth when less extensive procedures, like tooth fillings or dental bonding, are insufficient. So, if you have an extensively decayed tooth, a dental crown in Eagan, MN, is an ideal option because:

  • Your crown is made from porcelain, which is durable, attractive, and won’t irritate metal allergies
  • We design your crown to look natural and match your damaged tooth precisely
  • The high-quality porcelain ceramic construction resists decay and discoloration
  • With proper care, your dental crown can last for a decade or longer

The Dental Crown Process at Gentle Dental Eagan

Tooth decay is among the most common causes of tooth damage, and over the years, the tooth cavities that result from it can grow beyond that which can be addressed with a cavity filling. Because our mission is to save your natural teeth wherever possible, a dental crown provides that last layer of defense before tooth extraction.

So when Dr. Michael places a dental crown, he will ensure that your remaining tooth structure can offer a solid foundation. As part of this process, he will remove decayed tissue and reshape your tooth so that your custom crown fits tightly. If we place your crown to finish root canal treatment, our team will also ensure your inner tooth is sealed so that no further decay may occur.