Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes infected, quick treatment is necessary to save the integrity of the tooth and surrounding tissues. Dr. Michael at Gentle Dental Eagan in Eagan, MN is here to provide root canal therapy when it counts.

When is a root canal necessary?

When the soft tissues found at the center of a tooth become inflamed or infected, root canal therapy is most likely needed to alleviate the internal pressure in the tooth. Usually, patients are alerted to the inflammation or infection through a sudden onset or gradual building of pain and discomfort. Several kinds of pain are most common with patients:

  • radiating pain with throbbing sensations from the tooth into the jawbone, ears, neck, or sinuses
  • sensitivity to warm or cold temperatures
  • dull but consistent jaw pain
  • Sharp pain when applying direct pressure on the tooth
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Root canals have a reputation, but the procedure is safe and most patients experience minimal discomfort. Before the procedure, the tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic, and Dr. Michael offers sedation medications to increase your comfort during the procedure.

Root Canal Therapy Explained

root canalsWith a simple root canal procedure, patients are usually in and out of the examination chair in about two hours or less. If properly cared for and maintained, the treated tooth can last a lifetime. If you’re preparing for a root canal procedure, here are the basic treatment steps you can expect:

  • First, Dr. Michael numbs the area. Patients may have the option of additional sedation medications during the procedure as well.
  • A small opening is made on the crown of the inflamed or infected tooth.
  • The pulp is removed.
  • Each hollow canal inside the tooth is cleaned and smoothed.
  • Michael then fills the canals with a durable, rubbery material.
  • A temporary crown may be placed after the procedure while a permanent crown is made, or the crown is placed that day.

Quality Root Canal Therapy from Dr. Michael

When it’s time for a root canal treatment, you need an Eagan dentist you can trust. Look no further than Dr. Michael! His passion for patient comfort and satisfaction will ensure you receive the high-quality treatment you deserve. Call our office if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above; we can help you get back to pain-free living quickly.