Dental extraction

If you require tooth removal in Eagan, MN, look no further than Gentle Dental Eagan. Dr. Michael can help ensure a comfortable dental extraction through the use of sedation dentistry treatments.

When Dental Extraction is Necessary

Dental ExtractionDental extraction is a procedure for removing a tooth that can no longer be restored through dental treatments. Mainly, this happens to teeth that are:

  • Badly damaged from trauma: Broken or cracked teeth that cannot be restored through dental crowns or dental bonding may require extraction.
  • Severely infected: If a tooth infection or abscess is not responding to antibiotics, or the infection is too severe to remove through a root canal, a dental extraction may be the only treatment.
  • Affected by periodontal disease: Advanced periodontal disease that affects the gum or bone tissues around a tooth can weaken or loosen the tooth. To save the tooth from the growing infection, extraction may be necessary.

In addition, teeth crowding is another reason for dental extractions, and is often why wisdom teeth are commonly removed.

Recovering from a Dental Extraction

After your procedure, proper care and rest is essential to a successful recovery. If you are receiving tooth replacement treatment after an extraction (such as a dental implant, bridge, or dentures), your mouth must fully recover before the next stage of your treatment. Here are some tips to keep in mind following your extraction:

  • Don’t smoke as it can slow down your mouth’s natural healing process.
  • Avoid drinking through a straw for the first 24 to 48 hours.
  • Eat a soft diet for the first few days until you feel capable of normal chewing.
  • Prop your head up with pillows when sleeping to discourage bleeding from the extraction site.
  • Don’t brush near the extraction site until the wound is healed.
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