Dental Crowns

Our Eagan practice offers dental crown treatment for teeth affected from deep cavities, injuries, fractures, or root canal therapy.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Dr. Michael use dental crowns to protect a weakened tooth when composite fillings or dental bonding cannot eliminate the risk of tooth infection or further damage. Most dental crowns today are created from dental-grade ceramic and are ideal for protecting and restoring your compromised tooth for a few reasons:

  • Dental porcelain can last a lifetime and is able to withstand the pressure from natural teeth while providing a natural aesthetic appeal.
  • Porcelain is hypoallergenic, meaning patients won’t suffer from any allergicreactions or hyper-sensitivity that can come with traditional metal crowns.
  • Porcelain crowns are precisely fittedand keep out oral bacteria and food particles from the inner tooth structure.
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What to Expect During Your Treatment

dental-crownA minimum of two dental visits are needed to prepare your tooth for a permanent dental crown. At the first visit, Dr. Michael will examine and prepare the natural tooth, as well as take impressions of the tooth to aid in creating the final crown. Preparing your natural tooth involves removing parts of the outer tooth and shaping it to fit snugly with the final crown. Usually, a temporary crown is placed at this point until the permanent crown is completed by a dental ceramist.

Once the permanent crown has been fabricated, cementing it to the tooth is the last step; after the temporary crown is removed by Dr. Michael, he will further shape the natural tooth to ensure a precise fit with the new crown. A special dental cement is applied inside the crown and a bonding agent is applied around the natural tooth. He will then shape the outer area of the crown to ensure an even, natural bite.

Learn More About Dental Crowns in Eagan, MN

If you are looking for dental crown treatments in the Eagan area, please contact Gentle Dental Eagan! A member of our staff can schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael, who can discuss your treatment plan and offer an estimate for services.